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In Combinum, you can write rules and formulas to perform calculations, trigger events and compose texts. This is done using expressions.

Expressions are used in all parts of Combinum, for example to constrain parameters and dynamically generate bill of materials, price lists, graphics, and reports.


An expression can consist of operators, functions, variables, and constants. The variables can be parameters and attributes.


a * (b + 1)

Performs a calculation using the variables a and b that can be either parameters or attributes.


Model = Model.[X]

Returns true if the parameter Model has the value X.


City[SelectedCity; City.Latitude]

Looks up the latitude of a city in a dictionary (table) based on the variable SelectedCity.



Gets the current date and time and converts this to a string that is formatted as  dd/MM/yyyy.


The single equal sign "=" is used for comparison of two values to determine if they are equal, i.e., not for setting a variable. Setting parameters and attributes is done in other ways.


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